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Bachmann New Arrivals

Woodland Scenics + DPM Products Recent and expected soon arrivals

New Image Item No Description RRP

Woodland Scenics & DPM Arrivals during last 30 days

DPM11500 DPM11500 The Other Corner Cafe £23.75
DPM11600 DPM11600 Carr's Parts £23.75
DPM11900 DPM11900 M. T. Arms Hotel £33.75
DPM12100 DPM12100 Seymour Block £26.00
  DPM12500 County Courthouse £56.25
DPM20400 DPM20400 Walker Building £22.75
  DPM35600 Powerhouse £79.00
DPM40300 DPM40300 Entertainment District £87.75
DPM40600 DPM40600 Harlee & Sons Cycle Shop £87.75
DPM40700 DPM40700 Popa Weelie's Saloon £101.50
DPM50200 DPM50200 Hayes Hardware £19.25
DPM50300 DPM50300 Otto's Parts £19.25
DPM50400 DPM50400 Char's Soda Shoppe £19.25
DPM50700 DPM50700 Corner Apothecary £19.25
DPM50800 DPM50800 Crestone Credit Union £19.25
DPM50900 DPM50900 Hilltowne Hotel £27.25
DPM51200 DPM51200 Roadkill Cafe £19.25
DPM51300 DPM51300 Corner Turret Building £20.50
DPM51400 DPM51400 Erik's Emporium £20.50
  DPM51500 Reed Books £21.50
DPM51600 DPM51600 Wilhelmi's Mercantile £23.75
  DPM66000 Woods Furniture Company £91.00
  DPM66200 Jerry Riggs Quick Service £79.00
  DPM66300 Night Life £87.75
  DPM60101 Street/Dock Level Blank Wall (x3) £9.00
  DPM60102 Dock Level Window (x3) £10.25
  DPM60103 Street Level Window (x3) £10.25
  DPM60105 Dock Level Freight Doors (x3) £10.25
  DPM60106 Street Level Freight Doors (x3) £10.25
  DPM60111 Single Storey Blank Wall (x3) £9.00
  DPM60121 Two-Storey Blank Wall (x3) £9.00
  DPM60122 Two-Storey 12 Windows (x3) £10.25
  DPM60123 Two-Storey 6 Windows (x3) £10.25
  DPM60131 Dock Level Riser Wall (x6) £9.00
WAS5326 WAS5326 N Lubeners Loading £11.00
WAS5328 WAS5328 N Thompson's Travelin' Trailer £14.00
WAS5329 WAS5329 N Mickey's Milk Delivery £12.75
WAS5333 WAS5333 N Willie's Warning £16.50
WAS5337 WAS5337 N Cop'n A Kiss £11.00
WAS5339 WAS5339 N Suds & Shine £12.25
WAS5340 WAS5340 N Carburetor Chaos £12.25
WAS5343 WAS5343 N Tim BuR.R. Logging £16.00
WAS5344 WAS5344 N Bad Boy Bikers £14.75
WAS5345 WAS5345 N Lumpy's Coal Company £20.75
WAS5346 WAS5346 N Paul's Fresh Produce £12.25
WAS5521 WAS5521 HO Hall & Duke £12.75
WAS5524 WAS5524 HO Wayne Recker's Tow Service £23.50
  WAS5525 HO Family Vacation £12.75
WAS5526 WAS5526 HO Lubeners Loading £14.00
WAS5531 WAS5531 HO Rusty's Regret £11.00
WAS5533 WAS5533 HO Suds & Shine £14.00
WAS5534 WAS5534 HO Pick'em Up Truck £12.25
WAS5536 WAS5536 HO Cruisin' Coupes £21.00
WAS5537 WAS5537 HO Cop'n A Kiss £13.50
WAS5539 WAS5539 HO Peter's Painting £16.00
WAS5542 WAS5542 HO Ma & Pa's Trailer Haven £22.25
WAS5545 WAS5545 HO Rusty Springs Furniture £22.25
WAS5547 WAS5547 HO Hitchin' A Ride £12.75
WAS5548 WAS5548 HO Carburetor Chaos £15.25
WAS5551 WAS5551 HO Dog Gone Animal Control £17.75
WAS5552 WAS5552 HO Parked For A Picnic £15.25
WAS5553 WAS5553 HO Tim BuR.R. Logging £22.25
WAS5554 WAS5554 HO Bad Boy Bikers £15.25
WAS5559 WAS5559 HO Sparky & The Chief £16.00
  WAS5567 HO Fire Truck £42.75
WB1383 WB1383 Cinders Medium Ballast £11.25
WB1388 WB1388 Light Grey Coarse Ballast £11.25
WB76 WB76 Cinders Fine Ballast (Bag) £4.95
WB92 WB92 Mine Run Coal (Bag) £4.50
WB93 WB93 Lump Coal (Bag) £4.50
WBR5025 WBR5025 HO Fill 'Er Up & Fix 'Er £72.75
  WBR5050 HO J. Frank's Grocery £68.50
  WBR5055 HO Emilio's Italian Restaurant £72.75
WC1158 WC1158 N Concrete Retaining Wall Concrete (x6) £11.25
WC1202 WC1202 Mold-A-Scene £12.25
WC1204 WC1204 Latex Rubber 16 fl. oz. £16.50
WC1205 WC1205 Flex Paste £20.75
WC1215 WC1215 Earth Colours Kit £17.25
WC1216 WC1216 White Earth Colours £7.00
WC1232 WC1232 Boulders Rock Mould (5"x7") £8.75
WC1233 WC1233 Embankments Rock Mould (5"x7") £8.75
WC1238 WC1238 Weathered Rocks Rock Mould (5"x7") £8.75
WC1239 WC1239 Strata Stone Rock Mould (5"x7") £8.75
WC1243 WC1243 Base Rock Mould (10 £10.50
WC1244 WC1244 Facet Rock Mould (10 £10.50
WC1260 WC1260 HO Scale Retain Wall Timber (x3) £11.25
WD219 WD219 Ice House £24.00
WFC138 WFC138 Forest Green Underbrush (Bag) £5.25
WFC139 WFC139 Forest Blend Underbrush (Bag) £5.25
WFC148 WFC148 Forest Green Bushes (Bag) £5.25
WFC181 WFC181 Burnt Grass Clump Foliage(Bag) £16.50
WFC185 WFC185 Conif Green Clump Foliage(Bag) £16.50
WFC186 WFC186 Fall Mix Clump Foliage (Bag) £16.50
WFL633 WFL633 Burnt Grass Flock £11.25
WLK951 WLK951 Rock Faces Learning Kit £17.25
WLK952 WLK952 Road System Learning Kit £17.25
WLK953 WLK953 Realistic Trees Learning Kit £17.25
WLK955 WLK955 River/Waterfall Learning Kit £17.25
WLK956 WLK956 Scenery Details Learning Kit £17.25
  WM127 3"Glass Display Dome & Base £15.00
WMG703 WMG703 Roman R.R. Gold £7.00
WMG705 WMG705 Roman R.R. Yellow £7.00
  W020160 Woodland Catalogue £3.00
  WRG5145 14.125x12.5" Desert Sand Project Sheet £4.50
WST1409 WST1409 4" x 2' Long. Riser (x2) £11.50
WST1414 WST1414 0.75in. Riser - 4/Pkg 2ft. Ea £9.25
WST1415 WST1415 3% x 2' Incline Starter £8.25
WST1416 WST1416 3% x 2' Incline/Decline Set 0-4 £20.75
WST1419 WST1419 2 Profile Boards £12.50
WST1434 WST1434 Replacement Foam Knife Blades (x4) £7.25
WST1446 WST1446 Low Temp Foam Glue Sticks (x10) £11.75
WST1474 WST1474 HO Track-Bed £12.25
WST4790 WST4790 Straight Module Stand £69.50
WST4791 WST4791 Corner Module Stand £86.75
WT1353 WT1353 Fall Yellow Coarse Turf £9.50
WT47 WT47 Fruit (Apples And Oranges) £4.50
WT50 WT50 Earth Blend Fine Turf (Bag) £7.00
WTK18 WTK18 3.5in. Double Fork Trees 2/Kit £13.00
WTR1112 WTR1112 3"-7" Medium Green Deciduous Trees (6/Kit) £13.75
WTR1541 WTR1541 3"-5" Ready Made Fall Mix (6/Pk) £19.50
WTR1587 WTR1587 2"-4" Ready Made Blue Spruce Value Pack (18/Pk) £32.50
WTR1601 WTR1601 3 7/8" Premium Birch (1/Pk) £14.50
WTR1602 WTR1602 2.25-3.25in.Dead Elm Tree 2/Pk £12.50
WTR1603 WTR1603 2.25-3in. Sycamore Tree 2/Pk £16.00
WTR1604 WTR1604 2 3/8"-3" Premium Fall Maple (2/Pk) £15.25
WTR1605 WTR1605 1 .5 - 3in. Paper Birch Tree 3/Pk £13.50
WTR1607 WTR1607 2-3in. Locust Tree 2/Pkg £13.50
WTR1609 WTR1609 3 7/8" Premium Sycamore (1/Pk) £14.25
WTR1610 WTR1610 4.5in. Maple Tree 1/Pkg £15.25
WTR1611 WTR1611 3.5 - 4.75in. Poplar Tree 3/Pkg £16.00
WTR1613 WTR1613 4" Premium Fall Beech (1/Pk) £16.00
WTR1616 WTR1616 4 1/8" Premium Paper Birch (1/Pk) £13.50
WTR1622 WTR1622 3 7/8" Premium Walnut (1/Pk) £17.75
  WLS2001 Landscape Center Merchandiser £781.00
WA2727 WA2727 O Checker Players £12.75
WA2738 WA2738 O Deer £12.75
WA2767 WA2767 O Hereford Cows £16.00
WA2526 WA2526 G Mike The Mechanic £18.25
WA2546 WA2546 G Pickin' And Grinnin' £26.25
WA2557 WA2557 G Striking Picketers £26.25
WA2561 WA2561 G Law And Lawless £23.75
WA2563 WA2563 G Begging For Bucks £23.75
WA2566 WA2566 G You Dirty Dog £23.75
WA2568 WA2568 G Whistle While He Works £24.00
WA2140 WA2140 N Dogs & Cats £8.50
WA2141 WA2141 N Farm Horses £8.50
WA2144 WA2144 N Hereford Cows £8.50
WA2182 WA2182 N Children £9.00
WA2183 WA2183 N Snowball Fight £8.50
WA2187 WA2187 N Holstein Cows £8.50
WA2192 WA2192 N Workers With Forklift £9.00
WA2206 WA2206 N People On Benches £9.00
WA2208 WA2208 N Loading Dock Details £9.00
WA2214 WA2214 N Outdoor Dining £9.00
  WSP4133 Tepee Village Kit £6.00
WTR3516 WTR3516 6"-7" Classic Sun Kissed (2/Pk) £17.75
  WJP5589 Just Plug Vehicles Asst Wth Merchandiser £1176.00
  WJP5630 HO Wooden Pole £21.50
  WJP5631 HO Arched Cast Iron £21.50
  WJP5632 HO Double Lamp Post £21.50
  WJP5633 HO Lamp Post £21.50
  WJP5638 N Wooden Pole £21.50
  WJP5639 N Arched Cast Iron £21.50
  WJP5654 HO Gooseneck £13.00
  WJP5655 HO Entry £13.00
  WJP5658 N Gooseneck £13.00
  WJP5675 OO/HO Metal Lamp £20.25
  WJP5676 OO/HO Twin Lamp £20.25
  WJP5677 OO/HO Concrete Lamp £20.25
WJP5700 WJP5700 Lights & Hub Set - Warm White £18.50
WJP5761 WJP5761 Extension Cables £5.25
WA1823 WA1823 HO Dock Workers £9.00
WA1826 WA1826 HO City Workers £8.50
WA1828 WA1828 HO Roofers £9.00
WA1829 WA1829 HO People Sitting £8.50
WA1832 WA1832 HO Moms & Kids £11.00
WA1833 WA1833 HO Lovers £11.00
WA1841 WA1841 HO Dogs & Cats £9.00
  WA1843 HO Hereford Cows £9.00
  WA1856 HO Tombstones £9.25
  WA1857 HO Farm People £9.00
  WA1859 HO Train Mechanics £9.00
  WA1861 HO Bus Stop People £11.50
  WA1864 HO Hampshire Pigs £10.75
  WA1871 HO Welders & Accessories £9.00
WA1884 WA1884 HO Deer £9.00
WA1887 WA1887 HO Dairy Farmers £9.00
WA1891 WA1891 HO Children £11.25
WA1894 WA1894 HO Snowball Fight £9.00
WA1896 WA1896 HO Farmers Market £9.00
WA1897 WA1897 HO Beekeepers £8.25
WA1898 WA1898 HO Rail Workers £9.00
WA1899 WA1899 HO Ice Skaters £9.00
WA1904 WA1904 HO Bicycle Buddies £9.25
WA1906 WA1906 HO Newsstand £9.00
WA1907 WA1907 HO Golfers £9.00
WA1908 WA1908 HO Sixteen Passengers £12.25
WA1911 WA1911 HO Workers W/Forklift £9.00
WA1912 WA1912 HO Goodbye People £8.50
WA1917 WA1917 HO Campers £9.00
WA1918 WA1918 HO Canoers £9.00
WA1928 WA1928 HO Garage Treasures £9.00
WA1931 WA1931 HO Backyard Basics £9.00
WA1934 WA1934 HO Loading Dock Details £9.25
WA1943 WA1943 HO Playground Fun £10.00
WA1957 WA1957 HO Yorkshire Pigs £10.50
WA1961 WA1961 HO Rescue Firefighters £12.25

There are no Woodland Scenics & DPM Items due during next 60 days

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