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Bachmann New Arrivals

Woodland Scenics + DPM Products Recent and expected soon arrivals

New Image Item No Description RRP

Woodland Scenics & DPM Arrivals during last 30 days

DPM40100 DPM40100 Drywell Inks £90.00
  DPM30106 Dock Level Freight Door (x4) £11.50
  DPM30138 Two-Storey Four Rectangular Window Wall (x4) £11.50
DPM50500 DPM50500 Goodnight Mattress Co £23.75
DPM51100 DPM51100 Cricket's Saloon £18.25
WAS5532 WAS5532 HO Thompson's Travelin Trlr £21.00
  WBA5790 White Light Kit £16.25
WBR4929 WBR4929 N Drive 'N' Dine £64.25
  WBR4938 N Davenport Department Store £64.25
WBR5035 WBR5035 HO Grand Gazebo £60.00
WBR5041 WBR5041 HO Community Church £72.75
WBR5841 WBR5841 O Lubener's General Store £120.25
WBR5846 WBR5846 O Deuce's Bike Shop £128.25
  WBR5852 O The Depot £145.25
WC1155 WC1155 N Random Stone Single Tunnel Portal (x2) £10.50
WC1237 WC1237 Wind Rock Mould (5"x7") £8.75
WC1285 WC1285 Extra Coarse Natural Talus £4.50
WC1311 WC1311 HO Scale Curve Tunnel £26.50
WC1321 WC1321 Rocky Ridge Small £15.50
New WCW4510 WCW4510 Clear Deep Pour Water™ £26.00
New WCW4511 WCW4511 Murky Deep Pour Water™ £26.00
New WCW4515 WCW4515 Water Ripples Surface Water £13.75
New WCW4516 WCW4516 Water Waves Surface Water £13.75
New WCW4519 WCW4519 Navy Blue Water Tint £5.25
New WCW4520 WCW4520 Turquoise Water Tint £5.25
New WCW4521 WCW4521 Moss Green Water Tint £5.25
New WCW4522 WCW4522 Sage Green Water Tint £5.25
New WCW4523 WCW4523 Olive Drab Water Tint £5.25
New WCW4524 WCW4524 Yellow Silt Water Tint £5.25
New WCW4525 WCW4525 Murky Water Tint £5.25
New WCW4529 WCW4529 White Water Highlight Water Tint £5.25
New WCW4530 WCW4530 Deep Blue Water Undercoat £7.75
New WCW4531 WCW4531 Navy Blue Water Undercoat £7.75
New WCW4532 WCW4532 Hunter Green Water Undercoat £7.75
New WCW4533 WCW4533 Moss Green Water Undercoat £7.75
New WCW4534 WCW4534 Olive Drab Water Undercoat £7.75
New WCW4535 WCW4535 Yellow Silt Water Undercoat £7.75
New WCW4539 WCW4539 Dust Dabber™ £5.25
WD203 WD203 Crates-Barrels-Sacks £9.50
WDT507 WDT507 R.R. Gothic - White £5.25
WDT574 WDT574 Mini-Series Service Station Signs £7.00
WFC1639 WFC1639 Forest Blend Underbrush £13.00
WM107 WM107 Tommys Treehouse £25.50
  WM126 Pewter Patina Finish £3.50
WMG739 WMG739 45 USA Gothic Black Dt £7.00
WRG5141 WRG5141 14.125x12.5" Spring Ready Grass Project Sheet £4.50
WRG5143 WRG5143 14.125x12.5" Forest Ready Grass Project Sheet £4.50
WS132 WS132 Memorial Park £48.75
WS199 WS199 Canister Shaker Set £24.25
WS928 WS928 Mountain Valley Scenery Kit £91.50
WST1414 WST1414 0.75in. Riser - 4/Pkg 2ft. Ea £9.25
WST1423 WST1423 1/2 Foam Sheet 1/Pkg 2 Pack Of Four £25.00
WST1424 WST1424 1" x 2' Long Foam Sheet (x4/Pack) £29.00
WST1426 WST1426 3" x 2' Long Foam Sheet £16.50
WST1427 WST1427 4" x 2' Long Foam Sheet £19.75
WST1461 WST1461 HO Track-Bed £26.00
WST1472 WST1472 N Track-Bed £8.75
WS1485 WS1485 Town & Factory N Building Set £161.00
WTK27 WTK27 2"-4" Pine Forest (24/Kit) £24.50
WTR1512 WTR1512 5"-6" Ready Made Light Green (2/Pk) £12.25
WTR1515 WTR1515 6"-7" Ready Made Light Green (2/Pk) £15.75
WTR1561 WTR1561 4"-6" Ready Made Pine (4/Pk) £10.25
WTR1620 WTR1620 5" Premium Oak (1/Pk) £18.75
WA2121 WA2121 N Pedestrians £8.25
WA2136 WA2136 N Rebels £8.25
WA2147 WA2147 N Train Mechanics £8.50
WA2152 WA2152 N Farm People £8.50
WA2184 WA2184 N Ice Skaters £8.50
WA2187 WA2187 N Holstein Cows £8.50
WA2215 WA2215 N Fly Fishermen £9.00
WSP4122 WSP4122 Ripplin' Water Kit £10.50
WP317 WP317 Stockcar Dry Transfer £5.25
WPF5186 WPF5186 HO Country Cottage £33.50
WPF5201 WPF5201 N Planters Feed & Seed Supply £23.25
WPF5207 WPF5207 N Woodland Station £23.25
  WPF5890 O Lubener's General Store £81.50
WJP5593 WJP5593 HO Police Car with lights £26.00
WJP5595 WJP5595 HO Heavy Hauler with lights £26.00
WJP5597 WJP5597 HO Work Truck with lights £26.00
WJP5600 WJP5600 HO Fancy Fins with lights £26.00
WJP5613 WJP5613 N Police Car with lights £26.00
WJP5614 WJP5614 N Cool Convertible with lights £26.00
WA1842 WA1842 HO Chestnut Horses £9.00
  WA1850 HO Road Crew £8.50
  WA1857 HO Farm People £9.00
  WA1866 HO Engineers £9.00
  WA1871 HO Welders & Accessories £9.00
WA1884 WA1884 HO Deer £9.00
WA1889 WA1889 HO Horseback Riders £9.25
WA1896 WA1896 HO Farmers Market £9.00
WA1912 WA1912 HO Goodbye People £8.50
WA1915 WA1915 HO Lawn Workers £9.00
WA1928 WA1928 HO Garage Treasures £9.00
WA1939 WA1939 HO Outdoor Dining £9.50
WA1957 WA1957 HO Yorkshire Pigs £10.50

There are no Woodland Scenics & DPM Items due during next 60 days

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