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Liliput HOe Scale Locomotives

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  L141487 In Stock L141487 Tank Locomotive Type U 99 7821 DRG Ep.II £ 192.00 era 2
  L141488 In Stock L141488 Tank Locomotive Type U 298.52 £ 192.00 era 0
  L142109 In Stock L142109 Diesel Locomotive D16 Zillertalbahn Blue Ep. VI £ 142.90 era 6
  L142123 In Stock L142123 Diesel Locomotive D10 Zillertal Ep.III £ 126.90 era 3
  L142126 In Stock L142126 Diesel Locomotive V13 Rhein-Sieg-Eisenbahn Ep.III £ 134.90 era 3
  L142127 In Stock L142127 Diesel Locomotive O&K Works Nr.2 with Roof Warning Light £ 126.90 era 5
  L142128 In Stock L142128 Industrial Works Locomotive No.5 (Working Lights) Ep.IV £ 134.90 era 4
  L143000 In Stock L143000 Narrow Gauge Track Inspection Trolley STLB Ep.III-V £ 146.90 era

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