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Liliput HOe Scale Coaches

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  L344353 Oct/Nov L344353 Passenger Coach Bi/s 3641 £ 36.90 era
  L344354 Oct/Nov L344354 Passenger Coach Bi/s 3876 £ 36.90 era
  L344355 Oct/Nov L344355 Passenger Coach Bi/s 3886 £ 36.90 era
  L344356 Oct/Nov L344356 Passenger Coach Bi £ 36.90 era
  L344360 In Stock L344360 Passenger Coach Class C569 Welshpool & Llanfair Ep.III-V £ 38.60 era
  L344361 In Stock L344361 Passenger Coach B27 Welshpool & Llanfair Ep.III-V £ 38.60 era
  L344362 In Stock L344362 Passenger Coach B20 Welshpool & Llanfair Ep.III-V £ 38.60 era
  L344401 In Stock L344401 Baggage Coach D3ho/s 6301 Mariazellerbahn Ep.III £ 62.20 era 3
  L344407 In Stock L344407 Postal Van F3hw/s 8502-2 Mariazellerbahn Ep.IV £ 62.20 era 4
  L344412 In Stock L344412 Dome Wagon DR Ep.II £ 55.20 era 2

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