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Woodland Scenics Pre-Fab Landmark Structures

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Avail Cat_No Description RRP (inc.VAT)
  WPF5180 In Stock WPF5180 HO Fresh Market £ 33.50
  WPF5181 In Stock WPF5181 HO Planters Feed & Seed £ 33.50
  WPF5182 In Stock WPF5182 HO Main Street Mercantile £ 33.50
  WPF5183 In Stock WPF5183 HO Sonny's Super Service £ 35.25
  WPF5184 In Stock WPF5184 HO Sicken Tire Company £ 34.00
  WPF5185 In Stock WPF5185 HO O'Leary Dairy Dist £ 36.25
  WPF5186 In Stock WPF5186 HO Country Cottage £ 33.50
  WPF5187 In Stock WPF5187 HO Woodland Station £ 36.25
  WPF5188 In Stock WPF5188 HO D's Diner £ 40.25
  WPF5189 In Stock WPF5189 HO Public Pavilion £ 31.75
    In Stock WPF5190 HO Rustic Barn £ 51.50
    In Stock WPF5191 HO Country Church £ 51.50
    In Stock WPF5192 HO Windmills £ 26.00
    In Stock WPF5193 HO Deuce's Bike Shop £ 60.00
    In Stock WPF5194 HO Mo Skeeters Bait & Tackle £ 51.50
    In Stock WPF5195 HO Buzz's Sawmill £ 51.50
    In Stock WPF5196 HO Corner Porch House £ 51.50
    In Stock WPF5200 N Fresh Market £ 23.25
  WPF5201 In Stock WPF5201 N Planters Feed & Seed Supply £ 23.25
  WPF5202 In Stock WPF5202 N Main Street Merchantile £ 23.25
  WPF5203 In Stock WPF5203 N Sonny's Super Service £ 23.25
  WPF5204 In Stock WPF5204 N Sicken Tire Company £ 23.25
  WPF5205 In Stock WPF5205 N O'Leary Dairy Distribution £ 23.25
  WPF5206 In Stock WPF5206 N Country Cottage £ 26.00
  WPF5207 In Stock WPF5207 N Woodland Station £ 23.25
    In Stock WPF5208 N D's Diner £ 30.25
    In Stock WPF5209 N County Courthouse £ 30.25
    In Stock WPF5210 N J.W. Cobbler £ 34.50
    In Stock WPF5211 N Rustic Barn £ 42.75
    In Stock WPF5212 N Fire Station No. 3 £ 42.75
    In Stock WPF5213 N Windmills £ 17.25
    In Stock WPF5214 N Davenport Dept Store £ 42.75
    In Stock WPF5890 O Lubener's General Store £ 81.50
    In Stock WPF5891 O Harrison's Hardware £ 81.50
    In Stock WPF5892 O J.W. Cobbler £ 83.50
    In Stock WPF5893 O Corner Emporium £ 86.50
    In Stock WPF5894 O Country Store Expansion £ 91.25
    In Stock WPF5895 O Deuce's Bike Shop £ 91.25

In Stock = In Stock  §=On Order  Out of Stock=Out of Stock

Where a date is shown this is an anticipated future delivery date only and is subject to change

Bachmann Europe Plc. reserve the right to change any item or detail without prior notice.

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